~ of a few personal motos I have owned over the years ~
Almost every car has a funny story - it is just a matter of finding time to type them out.

Hodge Podge
Nothing is in order. But who cares?

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Hank the Intermeccanica 356 Roadster

Here is link to more info on Hank
and the 3 year restoration I did to bring him back to life.
(Sold September 2020)

Country Drive Video

2004 Boxster S 550 Special Addition.
What makes it "special"?
Little lower, little wider and a little more hp.
Sport seats, short shift, special color, special wheels and brakes. Custom exhaust. Porsche rolled out the red carpet on this last of the first edition Boxsters.
Only 500 imported into the U.S. Loved this car.
Wonderful car - a lot for the money!
(Sold May 2020)

Evander - walk Around Video







2007 Z4 3.0si Coupe

A great sport tourer. Yahooo!

Over 5k rpm - wow. Hold onto your hat.

When will BMW ever get a decent navigation system?

Z4 Walk Around Car Video

Z4 1 Minute Drive Video

1995 Porsche 993 Cabriolet
I got this car from a LPS in Sarasota (AKA - lying piece of shit) Email me. I'm glad to tell you his name and his shops name. To avoid.) Even so, after a ton of work, it turned into a great Porsche. Last of the air cooled, but with much improved (near perfect) susupension. Great gear box, wonderful engine. Porsche perfume... Why did they stop building this car? Sadly prices have exceeded the car, because they are becoming collectible. Got a tad over my financial comfort zone with the money out put, so I decided to sell. My 4th aircooled Porsche.

993 - Walk Around the Car

993 - Video - Driving

2014 Mini Cooper S Paceman

Owned for 2 years. Cool fun to drive.
Same platform as the Mini Countryman.
Sits a little higher. Mini only made this 2 door hatchback with the glass sport top for 3 years. Fairly rare car.


I'm mostly a sports car kind of guy, but Joey really liked this short bed side step f150...
great for hauling motorcycles
to the mountains.

Bmw k1200s sits next to
2002 911 Targa
Yup - life is good.

K1200s - fastest thing I have owned.



1968 Porsche 912 Targa
with good old Rudy
(Christmas 1999)
The long story how I got this car is on the Hemming's Blog.


MotoGuzzi 100 Breva - POS
On the Blue Ridge Prkwy. Crummy gear box, lungy, top heavy... but it looked cool.

Porsche 993 in background with Trimph Adventurer. Great bike bought too late in my
motorcycle days. A sport tourer that looked like a crusier. Loved it.

2009 Miata - stiff ride. never got rid of the smoker's smell, hit my head on the roof with top up, etc.
I had it all of 60 days.


Ooo lah,lah,
Honda VFR and Kawisaki C14.

Gotta love a clean garage -
so much potential.


Jeannie with Porsche Targa ;
not a bad car for the money.
Might get another one someday... but with IMS and RMS already taken care of. The skinny pretty little blonde girl ( not my wife in photo) who bought it from me , drove the snot out of it. I told her, "I hate to sound chauvinistic, but... damn you drive like me." Se said her dad was a race driver... You never know.

Triump Adventurer - Aka chromed Bonneville on steroids.
Loved this bike!


Triumph You Tube Clip

Audi TT coupe , 6 speed, Quatro,
4 wheel drive
A lot of fun in the mountains
for not much money.

TT You Tube Clip



Rebuilding the Triumph. Most of these cars and bikes were owned by non-car people. So I have had to do extensive work on a lot of them to bring them back to where they should be. This one the guy had tried to make it a bobber and really screwed up teh geometry of the bike. After I put everything back to factory specs ,man-o-man what a bike!


VFR - wonderful on the track at high rpms, but the rest of the time a real buzz machine. My hands would be numb after riding this thing.

1995 Porsche 993 with Joey
the wonder dog.

993 You Tube Clip

Wondrful Jeannie with
POS Guzzi on the Parkway



2006 Cayman .
Got the car from a very funky guy in Florida. I mean what kind of guy rebuilds a Harely on teh kitchen table and shows photos of his stripper wife - at work. Not your usual Porsche owner.

This was a base Cayman with tiptronic.Still a lot of fun in the twisties at about 5k rpm.


Audi tt Roadster.
Probably the most 'bang for the buck' you could get.
All my gear head friends scoffed at this car, but almost everytime I drove it I had a ball. And almost everytime I stopped, a pretty girl would ask me about it.

Loved this car.









2003 Intermeccanica 356 Roadster complete rebuild

Misrepresented by all invovled when I bought it. But after banging my knuckles for over 3years,
it turned into a real Dream Car.
Lots of 'ooos an awwws' at every show.


The good old days

50 years ago, I used to buy VWs, fix them, and re-sell.
(I guess I still do. I remember I did not buy this one.)

1966 MGB
My first car.
I mowed grass for 2 years to pay for it.

Again none of the below photos are in order and there are quite a few cars missing .
I just could not find the photos. But you get the idea.


My older sister's 356 C. She had an A, B and this C. Instilled a love for
this car at an early age.
(early 1960s)

1959 VW Bus. (Sadly I could not find a good photo of it. Took me up and down the westcoast for about a year until that knockin' rod went right throught the cylinder wall - the day I was selling it. New engine over night in a cold garage in Oregon... about this time I had to give up living on the west coast and limp home to Atlanta broke. (~1980)

Saab 900. Quirky car.
This was a geat car, so years later, I bought my wife a 900se - now that is another story.
(mid 1980s)

Blue Alfa Graduate 1978 with
Burgandy interior.

I had 3 Alfas - blue, cream and green.
This blue one was my favorite.
(early 1980s)




That beautiful Alfa interior.



I had quite a few of these things. I'ld often get the Sunday paper on Saturday night and buy whatever I could find for under $500. Fix it, clean it , tune it, and sell it the next week for a $100 profit.

This was the best mistake I ever made. Sunbeam Alpine Coupe. I bought it from a guy while we were both sitting at a stop light. (We went to the same high school.) It blew it's head right off the bat. After I had (with my Dad's help) the engine rebuilt, in the late 1970s - it took me all over the United States and even out to western Canada and
back to Atlanta.
Not a single problem.


The great Volvo 142s.What a car.
Bullet proof. Reliable.

I had 2 P1800s too. Red and light blue.


1990 - 2 week trip with my friend Werner.
(Charlston to Boston and back to Atlanta via Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway)
I am on the Honda CB750 (second cross country trip I did on one of those bikes - simply fantastic)
Werner is on the cool BMW R 90. He fit the part.

I had two of these things in the 1980s.
Volvo P1800 (red and pale blue)
Both with plenty of rust.


Just a pancake engine piece of shit.
No need to say more.


1973 MG Midget. Went to dinner at a friends house. This was sitting with rottted wheels in his front yard. "You can have it!" To his surprise, next day, I pumped up the tires, soaked the cylinders with Marvel Mystery Oil, changed plugs/wires , jumped it , and drove it home. Probably one of the few cars more dangerous than a motorcycle.


1982 - 1960s Volvo 122s (I had 2 of them) Wonderful looking car with lots of sheet metal details.
Oh! Did I say 'sheet metal?" Rust, rust and rust...
I remmeber punching the floor button bright light and all the lights went out, in the rain , on a first (last ) date .



Well, we live and learn. 1974 911.
my first foray into the brutal cost of
making a Porsche mistake. The engine rebuld cost more than the car.
(~ 1985)


Early 1980s
I remember replacing the camshaft in this Porsche 924 in my front yard under a pine tree no less..


What a bike : Cagiva Alazura with full fairing. Made by Ducati . 650 L twin. Man oh man, what a bike for the north Georgia mountains.
Of course it's Italian and everytime I rode
it something broke, but who cares?

(You can just see my 1974 911 sitting next to it.)

Yamaha FJ1100
~ 1990
Very cool bike . Lots of fun in north Georgia.


Ok - that is the start . I will add old more photos and some stories, as I have time to dig them up.
Trouble is, I am still making new stories.


First and last bike. 45 years on 2 wheels