Hank the 356
2003 Intermeccanica Roadster

~ restoration : May 2016 - August 2019 ~

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When I got the car, I thought I would spend the weekend rebuilding the carbs, then be done.
3 years later I have a wonderful show winning car.

... and I enjoyed every minute.



So ... here is how it went , in no particular order.
The "#" corresponds with the service list at the bottom of the page.
Adding more photos as I find time.

# 1 . replace all 3 mirrors ,
with fresh gaskets
All chrome mirrors and gaskets badly worn .

# 2. small headlight parking lights
headlight wiring
new headlight frames
headlight vertical grills



# 3. fix interior lights


# 4 replace radio with retro-sound and authentic Blaupunkt radio frame and face (old lower dash color)
rework drivers seat belt in order to move seat back


# 5 finally found a period correct luggage rack ,
liscense plate, and 356 registry badge


new tie rod gators
remove power steering pump - replace with gravity feed reservoir -

drain fuel tank
replace front fuel lines with braided steel lines
new Bosche front fuel canister

remove interior and rear Im logos (sorry Henry)
replace rear logo with 'Porsche' logo - antiqued to match 'Roadster' logo patina and color

bleed brakes, new fluid

The engine had no compression and hardly ran.
So here we go again ...

Actually it had fabric that had come unglued
hanging all over the engine. Amazing the carbs
got enough air to run.

#18 New transmission mounts.


#13 All ready for it's "new" mill.

#11 add 'Blaze Cut' to engine compartment
(fire protection)

new sound deadening and engine compartment tin
new braided fuel lines for engine
Y the fuel lines from fuel pump for even pressure to carbs
new inline fuel filter located below firewall - outside of engine compartment

1776 Engine - before





#6 /// 1835 Engine - after

(new pistons and rings - 92 mm, new rockers 1.25, rebuilt Webers with venturi upgrade, etc etc...

The Carbs
40 idf,s rebuilt with CB performace new venturi and jetting.
Also 2.25" velocity stacks added under the air cleaners,

& enlarge and clean jets as needed,
rework ridiculas Weber cold start ,
new carb linkage linkage.

After rebuild with new P & C set ,
clean but does not look the part yet...



#12 Same engine now - after 'retro look' modification
(you can see the added breather box too above teh fan shroud)

Rebuild engine with :
new p&c set Mahler 92mm, rings, new push rod tubes, new cylinder head bolts, new elephant feet, etc

new distributor(electronic) and flame thrower wires
# 14 Sidewinder exhaust. ///////////////////////////////// Wrapped and a removeable baffle.

#17 gravity feed rack reservoir for rack

#7 upgraded 'bolt on'
valve covers

#16 Bosch fuel tank filter with
new braided fuel lines.
(you can also seeone of the the new tie rod end "gators" on the right)

#15 Optima


new rear transmission motor mounts
new outer cv (Mahler) and rebuild inner cv,s
(one messy job)

Now a 1835 Engine !
About all I can get out of this engine without making it a stroker.

Interior - Before and After (2 tone)


#8 after






Electric fuel pump added with emergency off relay
Electronic ignition

# 9 External oil cooler with fan -
manual on off switch (blue led) - above the Westach cht gauge




#10 ... and vdo clock on the other
side of Nardi steering wheel

- numbers stained green for a vintage look -

#17 Chrome wheels with "nipple" Porsche hubcaps



#16 Euro style tail lights with new rings


Hank's Service List - via MotoCarlo

Parts : upgraded and added
# shows photo above. Adding more photos as I find time.

Electric fuel pump with Revolution relay and mechanical fuel pump block off plate
CHT gauge Westach with manual on off switch and relay for oil cooler fan #9
New digital "Retro Radio" with original 1960s Blaupunkt frame. #4
Sidewinder exhaust with J tubes #14
Top end engine rebuild with Mahle 92mm piston and cylinder set (making 1835 cc ) #6
"Elephant feet" 911 style adjustment screws and 1.25 rockers
Blaze cut engine compartment fire extinguisher #13
Bolt on valve covers #7
Empi breather box
New inner Mahle CVs with outers repacked
New euro style tail lights and rings #16
Period correct luggage rack #5
Optima battery #15
Clean up all wiring connections and interior lights #3
Electric ignition (It had points when I got it.)
Weber 40 idfs - rebuilt with all new jets
Rework Weber cold start / choke (ask)
Nipple style Porsche hubcaps #17
New rear KYB gas shocks
All new fuel lines
Head light screens #2
3 new mirrors #1
Sand, polish and clean chorme wheels
they were so mucked up I did not even know they were chrome

Extra Service

Resealed top with 303
Re-sealed seats and dyed to a two tone #8
Double layered engine tin with heat shield (ask)
New engine compartment firewall louvered tin #13
Brad Penn transmission oil
Bypass AC and remove rear compressor and condenser - easy retro fit (ask)
Bypass power steering pump and convert to a grafity feed rack (ask) #17
Engine with retro 356 look #12:
(Empi lower carb linkage, 356 oil canister, repositioned coil,
and 356 style oil filler (with 356 stickers)

VMC of Jasper corrected valve adjustment and carb repair
(2 of the auxelery venture were in backwards.
Also Ray set the valves a .006 and thought they could even go to .008.
He believes at some point the engine got a hotter cam. - ask)

Front torsion bar re greased
New transmission mounts #18
VDO clock #10

Extra Parts

Dansk 356 muffler with j tubes
Original heater boxes
Original AC compressor and extra condenser - removed but easy reinstall (ask)
Original Power steering pump - bypasses with resivour in frunk (ask)
Original "W. German" mirrors
Car cover and top cover
2.25 , 2.75 (installed) and 3" velocity stacks with screens (ask)



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