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Moto & Auto Excursions

Cruising the Coast - October 2019
Every fall along the gulf coast a 60 mile cruise week.
Huge crowd.
Forget trying to drive the coast. A traffic jam like you would not believe.
Best to take I 10, then stab down to the litttle towns that host the cruise.
These photos are from Bay St. Louis and Pass Christian.
A bunch of neat people and great seafood, what's not to love?




Euro Atlanta's Rims and Roasters - Monthly Cruise In - Holly Springs GA
Cool folks & cool cars on a hot summer day.

Lot's of fun. A regular event for me.







PoBoys Cruise In
March - October / 3rd Saturday of the month.
Canton Georgia
Seeya there.










April 2019 __Bug-a-Paluza __Chattanooga TN
Probably the most fun you can have at a car show , man.

Miles of smiles.

All levels of restoration (and not).
But all fun (and funny).


The lovely original owner.


Far out man, everyone having a blast.

Not Zeek.


The Puma.


And lots more. Acres and acres of VWs. Largest VW gathering in the SouthEast.
Worth the trip , man.



March 2019 PCA Tour of Wolf Mountain Winery's Car Collection- Daholonega GA








Thanks Karl for inviting us to your home.



October 2017 PCA Swap Meet in Jasper GA
These are just a few photos from the hour I was there.
I am sure that all day there was a nice turn over of beautiful Porsches.

Lots of cool cars. (Sorry for the 356 foto bias), super nice people, and good deals... on a beautiful fall day.
Who could ask for more?


After 2 years of work -
today was my Intermeccanica Roadster's
inaugural run.
Did perfectly - whew!
(I also finally scored the proper luggage rack for it.)


Thanks Ray for hosting this.
(Vintage Motorcar Restorations - Jasper GA)

2017 Carlisle PA - Speedsters meet Spyders

Jeannie with matching jacket.

Has a 993 engine. Wow!

Over 640 hp!
Not the Hilman I grew up with.



For you Rob Siegel

Original owner with his pristine 1800s

The crowd we were there with.
My car , 600 miles away, at home
in it's garage.
Damn it.

A gaggle of TVRs

Acres and acres of cool cars. Really a fantastic weekend.

Barber Motorcycle Museum
Birmingham Alabama

"It'll blow your mind!"







British Car Fayre
(every September)
Norcross Georgia
~ near Atlanta ~
I am usually there trying to remember why I don't currently have a British car.

Our hero - agagga.

If this looks like fun, you'ld be correct sir.