Ernie the E10
in his new home

Next Project - the 1976 - 02 Blue

The resto has begun. Spring 2018

Brakes were spooky, shifting horrible, steering squirrely, etc...
Another great deal via Ebay.
;- /

The Brakes
Before anything else , it's gotta stop.

All new braided brake lines


Upgrading rear drums to 250 mm E21 drums

Yep, getting the axel nut off was as hard
I as remember it.


Original rear drums

Rear Drums

Upgraded E21
(250mm drums)

Front Disk

Larger Volvo front disk and calipers with new inner and outer bearings.
(22mm vented rotors )

New Booties
15" Euroweaves


The Transmission

(New shift linkage on the bench)

Upgraded 5 speed (Getrag 245) transmission and now
with Ireland Engineering shift linkage

The original worn-out shift linkage was awful and improperly
installed - none the less.

The Engine / Mechanics

Relocate battery to trunk = better weight distribution
but also gives more room in engine compartment.


- old interior -

5 speed Getrag tansmission.

new brake boost and tii master
new reservoirs too
(This photo showes the original
downdraft carb.)

Side Draft Weber Conversion

During 1 ...

During 2 ...


The astute of you will notice the mechanical fuel pump block off plate in the photos above.
Yep, Ernie now has an electric fuel pump in the trunk and a new fuel line to go with it.

It seems the more I do to upgrade this little car, the cleaner it gets.
I get to remove old unused wires and componets long forgotten and simple left in place...
cleaning engine compartment - hiding and cleaning wiring - as I go.

New plugs and wires
New fuel line
Battery cut off with fuel pump "kill switch"
New tank vent

New brake boost
New tii master
New braided brake lines
New tach cable (bypass that stupid box)
Added : oil pressure, amp , and AFR gauges

New rear Sway Bar (and bushings)
to match the front sway.


The M10 so far



Bilstein struts and rear shocks along with ...

... all new springs.
new - silver / original - black
(Hard to believe this only lowers the car 1.25".)

Bushing by bushing,
eventually they all get replaced.


The Aesthetics

The fun part.

Interior :
Period correct Recaro LS seats
Alpina Steering Wheel
Upgraded : shift knob, boot and brake handle
Rear Seat Delete
Carpet (w/sound deadening
& New :
window cranks, dash knobs, radio knobs, instrument cluster with chrome rings, ...

(and added dash pod gauges : oil pressure, voltage, and oil temp)














~ and Kaemi style front spolier and matching rear bumper ~






- lots more to come -


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