Ernie the E10
in his new home

Next Project - the 1976 - 02 Blue

The resto has begun. Spring 2018

Brakes were spooky, shifting horrible, steering squirrely, etc...
So here we go again.


The Brakes
Before anything else , it's gotta stop.

All new braided brake lines


Upgrading rear drums to 250 mm E21 drums

Yep, getting the axel nut off was as hard
I as remember it.


New brake boost

master cylinder to tii master


Original rear drums

Rear Drums

Upgraded E21
(250mm drums)

Front Disk

Larger Volvo front disk and calipers with new inner and outer bearings.
(22mm vented rotors )

"New" - period correct modification - Wheels.
I had to change the wheels to accommodate the new larger brake calipers and rotors.
So I went with an Alpina look.
(I wish I had gotten a before photo. Pretty crappy with lots of surface rust.)

Step by step the 2002 makes progress.


The Transmission

(New shift linkage on the bench)

Upgraded 5 speed (Getrag 245) transmission and now
with Ireland Engineering shift linkage

The original worn-out shift linkage was awful and improperly
installed - none the less.

The Engine / Mechanics

Relocate battery to trunk = better weight distribution
but also gives more room in engine compartment.


New master cylinder, new clutch master and secondary cylinders. Starting on the engine compartment aethetics with the new aluminum reservoirs. (lots more to come)


Side Draft Weber Conversion

Before ...

During ...


clean engine compartment - hide wiring


The Aesthetics

The fun part.

Interior starting to take shape:
Alpina Steering wheel installed. Upgraded shift knob, boot and brake handle.
Recaro LS (period correct) seats installed.

Ernie on his way to his first show.

- more to come -

Life is too short - enjoy yourself.

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