coming to her new home

1997 Porsche 993

The Olive Diary

Day 1 battery dies
(new battery)
Day 2 fuel pump relay dies
(common problem -replaced and put spare in glove box)
Day 3 check engine light comes on
(OBD reader gives me yellow warnings - but no red . Whew!)
Day 7 exhaust smell in the cabin
(Starting to loose my "cheery" disposition.)
Day 8 oil seems to be dripping on the exhaust
(hopefully connected to cabin smell)
Day 9 - She goes up in the air.

Damn it. Here we go again.


Before :
leaking timing chain covers and left valve cover

After :
Cleaning it up as I begin to go through the neglection.
New vc gaskets and timing chain cover
donut bolt gaskets.

Also begining to clean the engine cosmolin.
A little at a time. This helps it run cooler.


New silicone heater box hoses...

...and replaced 3" hose on other end
(sadly color did not match) Then took advantage of this and cleaned the heater pipes.
Gradually Olive is looking better down below.

Cracked and faded center section replaced.

She also now has new plugs plug wires and distributor caps.
This is not as easy to do as your old VW.

This little part cost me 2 back breaking
days to get it off.
Burried in the engine, it had not been off the car since new and was rusted in place.. The SAI valve is a common weak pont in the emmissions sytem and should be replaced every 3 - 4 years. This little thing is what triggered the 'check engine' light.

New Koni Springs Shocks and Struts
(lower 1.25")with new control arms.
I'll get a better photo next time the wheels are off.

Cody at Precision Motorcars helped me with this.
Those 25 year old nuts were frozen.

After the 4 point alignment (Canton Tire), it drives fantastic!

This is the control unit for the convertible top.
I am still sorting out the latching to the windshield - a comon 993 problem.
This unit is new. So after a day digging under the dash, damn it. This is not the problem.

I am a heart beat away from simply turning it into a full mechanical top.

Speaking of the top.
Yahoo. New top.




FD Golden Rod

Tighten ups the shifting response and replaces
bushings with bearings.

Also replaced the typically leaking
transmission rod seal .

And (photo to right) changed to a Short Shift kit.
I did the Golden Rod and SSK on my
previous 993 and love the feel.

(Sorry ; most of this was complete and
covered with rubber,
before I thought to take a photo.)

I also pulled the IMMO computer and the ECU
and sent them off to
Todd at Protomotive
who did an excellent job.
He reworked the computers for ROW specs.

What that means is :
Olive now has more low end torque with
a bit more hp.

Interior Photos

New steering wheel , carpets, seats refurbished, dash, center console, seat delete ... and trim.





Seats two toned with piping and
marbled centers.

Black carpets with burgundy,
shift bezel and shift knob .

Rear Seat Delete

(Same herringbone fabric as I used on the door inserts.)

Doors also two toned along with
Herringbone Burgundy fabric insert
(matches the seat-delete fabric)


Carbon fiber shift knob.
Shift boot and brake handle also dyed black.
Custom carpets.


Momo Steering Wheel


Matching Key Bezel



Zeek & Carlos


Every time I take her for a spin,
something else get added to the list.
Of course...

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